Life Balance

Time + Passion + Persistence + Growth
= Life Balance

Your Current Life Balance

Rehabilitate your mind and body

Through a certain way of living, spending time, and thinking, we can use our minds in incredible ways and get the mind and body to do things that we never thought possible. It comes down to a series of thoughts, actions, decisions, and reactions that become part of us over time and the more they become part of us, the faster they grow, the more efficient our mind works, and the more we accomplish. This mindset, mentality, and way of life takes over and becomes a life of it’s own and you never stop growing, improving, and most importantly, creating!

More Potential, Focus, and Completeness

Time is the most valuable currency; it never stops, repeats, or comes back.

Beat your expiration dates.

The reward for doing your best is not having guilt.

There is a best option to a bad problem.

Turn weaknesses into strengths.

The simplest thing in life is incredibly complex.

Efficiency allows for passions.

Solve your problems before they are no longer solvable.

Things can always get worse.

You are not alone.

Problem-Solving Through
Thoughts, actions, decisions, & reactions

Set limits on your TIME; how you spend time and who with so you have enough time to learn about yourself and pursue your passions.

Do not take no for an answer when you are passionate about something; listen, watch, learn, adapt, improvise, grow, improve, and problem-solve; there is always a way forward if you are willing to work for it, adapt, and compromise.

Pay close attention to everything, everyone, and history; watch, listen, ask questions, see if words match actions, and read; knowledge is power and history repeats itself, sometimes you have to dig under the covers to find out who you truly are and how your are meant to live and spend your time.

Do not let others tell you what to do or how things are, things do not have to be a certain way, we all have our own path forward, some at different ends of the spectrum, and its how you navigate this difficult path that ends up defining you.

Surround yourself by people who bring out the best in you; sometimes to get what you want and need, you have to have the courage and ability to give up what you don’t.